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Ça va beaucoup mieux en ne le disant pas | 3

Un mauvais coucheur

Il ne faut pas dire : « With the decline of marriage, and with it the influence on public policy of the shared interests of husbands and wives, we see the fruits of this tainted philosophy in growing numbers of single men and women imbued with hostility, mutual suspicion and grievance.
The small family system looks set to be replaced by the no-family system; but such an anti-social “society” will be ripe for a Marxist take-over, in which no one will have a family but everyone will have a Big Brother. All will be equal, but some will be more equal than others – the ones who are most zealous for “equality”.
Whether they will be men or women is a moot point; but they will certainly not be human. », parce que c’est mauvais pour le moral.

Ça va beaucoup mieux en ne disant pas que l’homme moderne ne peut plus vivre qu’avec son double, non pas son semblable mais son lui-même, Narcisse condamné à souffrir d’être seul, frustré et plein de rage vis-à-vis de l’Autre. 

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